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Sponsorship Book

Find out about all of our events, our marketing tools and how you can benefit from being a sponsor. Our sponsorship book features our events throughout the year. Make plans now, and schedule with us which event you would like to sponsor.

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Family Events

Typically these events are centered around Holiday celebrations but vary greatly in the activities and attractions featured. One thing you can count on, in the Military, there is a big emphasis on Family! Kids Fest & Easter Dash are just 2 of the many family events we offer.
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Texas Holdem 2011 Brewfest 2011

Single Service Member Events

These events are hosted by Single Service Members for Single Service Members and include events like talent shows, flag football, outdoor movies, and Texas Hold’em tournaments.
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Whether it be fireworks or carnival rides, the reptile man or pony rides, JBLM festivals feature all American attractions for parents, children and Single Service members alike.
Air Show & Armed Forces Day are 2 of the festivals we have on JBLM.
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Xtreme Mountain Bike Race 2011 title sponsorship

Athletic Events

Athletic Events- Participants of these events vary from seriously competitive athletes to those just trying to stay healthy, and the variety of events reflects as much. With the Body Building Competition, summer Triathlons, and the September Half Marathon to the just-for-fun Mud Runs.
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Examples of Title Sponsorship

To see your brand have preeminence and singular distinction at these events, to guarantee your business is not lost in the shuffle, become a title sponsor or an event attraction such as the main stage, rock wall or kid’s zone. If your strategy is to make a big impression with lasting effects, this is your key to achieving that.

  1. Rock Wall
  2. Stage
  3. Fire works
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