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banner fence Reader Board


If you’re looking for longevity, have a 4’ X 10’ heavy-weight outdoor fence banner alongside the youth sports fields by sponsoring anything from bumble-bee soccer to cheerleading. We handle production and hanging!

Electronic Reader Boards

Situated at entrance gates that provide access to an average of 126,000–152,000 cars per week day, this is a great forum to provide sound bites on your business to the entire base. Dimensions are 3'10" high, and 9' wide.

LCD displays


Located in 65 prominent lobbies across JBLM, high-definition LCD TVs provide a targeted advertising option – whether you want to reach athletes, newcomers or parents. Digital Signage Example on Vimeo


With an excess of 3,369,816 page views on YTD 2014 total, exposure in this medium, which Service Members access from their smart phones in the field, downrange and at home, you couldn't make a more progressive advertising decision.

bowling display screens focus magazine

Bowling Alley Screens

If it’s bang for buck you’re after, 60 state-of-the-art bowling lanes on JBLM may be the answer! For any lanes not in play, business advertisements are displayed on screens above the lane.

Focus Magazine

With more than 37,500 impressions each month, the electronic editions of the Focus magazine are far-reaching. In addition to being posted online, the electronic versions are emailed to more than 5,600 subscribers and forwarded through the Family Readiness Group chains. Additionally, 10,000 copies of the Focus are printed each month. They are distributed through the Exchange, Commissary and high-traffic locations on base, as well as delivered directly to 5,000 houses on base.

Nowcomers Table  

Newcomers' Kits

A unique way to get your business in front of approximately 2,500 JBLM newcomers, these kits distribute useful promotional items such as digi pads or refrigerator magnets. Newcomers' Webpage