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Steaming Cup of Battle Bean Coffee

Bldg 6242, Colorado Ave 964-8152
Mon–Thu 7:30 a.m.–7 p.m., Fri 7:30 a.m.–2 p.m. Sat 8 –11 am

About our Battle-Tested Roast
Every batch of Battle Bean is handcrafted at Joint Base Lewis-McChord under the watchful eye of our Roast Master General, Sgt. First Class (Ret.) C. Black. We buy only the highest-quality beans from the same Seattle supplier to some of the major gourmet houses and carefully store them until they are ready to undergo a run through our top-of-the-line Diedrich roaster imported from Germany. Unlike cheaper, gas-powered roasters that can scorch the beans, our Diedrich uses reflected infrared heat to evenly roast every bean for that perfectly smooth Battle Bean flavor you’ve come to expect.

Soldier purchasing coffee
Above: Our friendly knowledgeable baristas, will whip up your favorite coffee drink with freshly roasted Battle Beans.

The duration of the roast is based on the degree of darkness best suited for each bean’s country of origin and your personal taste. After that, our beans enter into our very own, top-secret finishing process that prepares them for battle, any time, anywhere. Our Roast Master General will be happy to advise you on the merits of each coffee varietal and even make a custom blend especially for you.

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