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Fees and pricing is subject to change. For information on Events, Equipment,
Rentals, Fees, Rules and Hunting/Shooting please go to the Community Pages

Your one-stop outdoor recreation headquarters for the rental of
trailers, camping equipment, skiing, snowboarding and boating!
Phone: 253-982-2206 or 253-982-2303


Location & Phone

Adventures Unlimited

Bldg. 739, off Barnes Blvd.
JBLM McChord Field
253-982-2206, 253-982-2303


Bldg. 739, off Barnes Blvd.
JBLM McChord Field
253-982-2206, 253-982-2303

Holiday Park, Famcamp & Pavillion

Outer Drive
JBLM McChord Field
Pavilion Info & Reservations 253-982-2206
Holiday Park/Fam-Camp 253-982-5488

Military Resorts


RV Storage

South Gate Road, next to Recycle Center: JBLM McChord Field

McChord POV Resale Lot

Lincoln Blvd, next to Commissary
Parking by permit only; sign up at Adventures Unlimited






















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Beginner ski & snowboard bargains
Beginners, spend the winter having fun outdoors learning to ski or snowboard with a complete set of rentals packaged just for you from JBLM’s outdoor winter sport center at Adventures Unlimited. The rental bundles include ski or snowboard equipment, plus a jacket, bib and helmet. Each bundle is $45 per day.

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NW Adventure Tours


Have a blast!

Join the Norhtwest Adventure Programs & Tours and sign up for single days & overnight White Water Rafting trips
For more information email or call 253-967-6263.

For Event or Travel Tickets:

call Leisure Travel Services at
253-967-3085 / 253-967-2050


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Adventures Unlimited
Outdoor Recreation equipmemt, RV storage, Holiday Park

RV Storage

253-982-2206, 253-982-2303
Bldg. 739, off Barnes Blvd.
JBLM McChord Field