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Joint Base Lewis-McChord (JBLM) Directorate of Personnel & Family Readiness (DPFR), formerly Armed Forces Community Service (AFCS), provides numerous programs and resources for Service members (all branches, including Active Duty, Guard and Reserve), their Families, Retirees and DoD Civilians. We are an Army-led joint base with a diverse population; to embrace our joint base culture we created AFCS which other branches might know as Army Community Service (ACS) or the Airman & Family Readiness Center (A&FRC), and then merged with DHR (which houses In/Out Processing, ID Cards and other services) to create DPFR. Our programs and services span multiple locations on JBLM. For a complete list of programs, locations and links, please see the table below. For questions or to be directed to your nearest facility, call 253-967-7166 (Lewis Main), 253-982-2695 (McChord Field), or 509-577-3114 (Yakima Training Center).


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Hours of Operation & Services

All AFCS Facilities are open Mon.-Fri. 7:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.
Closed on Saturdays, Sundays and Federal Holidays

Location & Contact

Air Force Aid Society

  • Assistance with emergency financial needs such as basic living expenses, emergency travel, vehicle repair, dental expenses, bridge loans for funerals, etc.
  • All loans/grant requests considered on a case-by-case basis.
  • For after-hours or weekend emergency assistance contact the American Red Cross, toll free, 877-272-7337.
  • AFCS - McChord (formerly S&FRC)
    552 Barnes Blvd., McChord Field
    Phone: 253-982-2695
    After-hours Emergencies:877-272-7337

    Army Emergency Relief

  • Assistance with emergency financial needs such as rent, utilities, emergency travel, vehicle expenses, bridge loans for funeral expenses, etc.
  • All loans/grant requests considered on a case-by-case basis.
  • For after-hours or weekend emergency assistance contact the American Red Cross, toll free, 877-272-7337.
  • AFCS Waller Hall,
    2140 Liggett Ave., JBLM-Lewis Main
    Email AER
    After-hours Emergencies: 877-272-7337

    JBLM AER Campaign Kick-off (Feb. 23)

    Armed Forces Action Plan
  • Grassroots initiative to identify and prioritize military life issues.
  • Provides the community a voice in shaping their standards of living.
  • Solicits suggestions to improve specific programs within the military or at the installation level.
  • Installation issues not resolved locally are prioritized and submitted directly to Headquarters Dept. of the Army using the newly restructured process that eliminated AFAP midlevel and HQDA conferences.
  • At Joint Base Lewis McChord it’s called Armed Forces Family Action Plan (AFFAP) as we include all branches of the military. For Army garrisons and higher headquarters the program is known at Army Family Action Plan (AFAP). AFFAP is a program that gives everyone in the Military Community the opportunity to influence his/her own quality of life and standard of living.
  • Submit an issue!
    Family Resource Center, (FRC)
    4274 Idaho Ave. & 9th Division
    JBLM Lewis Main 98433

    Email AFFAP

    Armed Forces Team Building

  • Support for the Military Spouse through social opportunities.
  • Provide training in Military culture, leadership and personal growth.
  • Family Resource Center, (FRC)
    4274 Idaho Ave. & 9th Division
    JBLM Lewis Main 98433
    Email AFFTB

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    Armed Forces Substance Abuse Program

  • Education & early intervention to help commanders, civilian supervisors, and the JBLM community reduce lifestyle risk factors to increase healthy outcomes.
  • Risk prevention services including substance abuse education, unit & individual training & suicide prevention training.
  • Civilian Services including the Employee Assistance Program (EAP), resources for DA Civilians, Family members & Retirees, communication styles and workplace violence prevention training.
  • Drug Testing Lab (urinalysis turn-ins, unit prevention leaders training and breathalyzers).
  • 2008B North 3rd Street
    JBLM Lewis Main
    Box 339500, Mail Stop 85
    JBLM, WA 98433-9500
    Email SAP

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    Community Information Systems

  • Conducts assessments with individuals and Families; and provides assistance and referrals to the appropriate program or agency.
  • Maintains an extensive resource file of local public, private and voluntary service agencies and organizations to assist individuals and Families get the assistance they require.
  • Ask about WIC and food assistance.
  • AFCS Waller Hall,
    2140 Liggett Ave.
    JBLM Lewis Main 98433
    Telephone: (253) 967-7166

    Employment Readiness Program

  • Skills assessment/job counseling
  • Job application/resume assistance
  • Interview skills building
  • Job banks and employment referral
  • Business office skills training
  • Computers available for use
  • JBLM Opportunities Unlimited - a new resource for Service & Family members seeking employment and training opportunities & events.
  • JBLM Job Board - for those seeking employment and employers looking to share employment opportunities.
  • AFCS - McChord
    551 Barnes Blvd. (McChord Field)

    Email Employment Readiness

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    Hiring our Heroes Military Spouse Career Event (Feb. 21-22)

    Exceptional Family Member Program

  • Mandatory enrollment program for Families with special needs.
  • Provides temporary rest periods for Family members responsible for the regular care of persons with disabilities.
  • EFMP system navigators connect Families with special needs to the systems of care they need, both on and off the installation.
  • JBLM EFMP Newsletter
  • AFCS Waller Hall
    2140 Liggett Ave. (Lewis Main)
    253-967-9704 or 253-967-7166

    AFCS - McChord (formerly S&FRC)
    552 Barnes Blvd. (McChord Field)
    Email EFMP

    EFMP Parent's Connect
    Upcoming EFMP Events

    Family Advocacy Program

  • FAP prevention and intervention efforts assist commanders in maintaining readiness of individuals, Families, and communities within JBLM by developing, coordinating, and delivering services which promote self-reliance, resiliency and stability during war and peace.
  • Victim Advocacy Program Safeline:
    (24/7 253-966-SAFE/7233)
  • New Parent Support Program (253) 967-5901
  • Prevention & Education Life Skills Classes
  • Mandatory Unit Annual Training (Domestic Violence and Child Abuse Prevention)
  • Command Team Leadership Training and Desk-Side Briefings (within 90 days of assuming commmand)
  • Sign-up for the FAP New Parent Support Newsletter
  • View the JBLM Child Supervision Guidelines
  • Bldg. 2013
    2013 N. 3rd St. & Pendleton (Lewis Main)
    Phone: 253-967-5901 or 253-968-0044

    AFCS - McChord (formerly S&FRC)
    552 Barnes Blvd. (McChord Field)

    Call for other locations: (253) 967-5901

    Email FAP

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    FRGs & Key Spouses

  • FRG Training and Resources
  • Key Spouse Training and Resources
  • FRG and Key Spouse Programs are command-sponsored
  • FRG Training: (253) 967-8430/3397
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    Key Spouses: (253) 982-2695

    Financial Readiness Program

    FRP Specialists assist Service members and their Families, retirees, and DoD civilians with:

  • Developing budgets, spending and debt reduction plans, improving money management skills, and providing guidance to help achieve personal financial readiness.
  • Instructing classes on financial planning, money management, credit, insurance, and consumer issues. Obtaining and reviewing credit reports; addressing credit report issues.
  • Assists with financial concerns related to security clearance issues.
  • AFCS Waller Hall,
    2140 Liggett Ave. (Lewis Main)

    AFCS - McChord (formerly S&FRC)
    552 Barnes Blvd. (McChord Field)

    HAWK Transition Center (Lewis North)

    FRP Manager: 253-967-9917
    FRP Appointment Line: 253-967-1453
    FRP Class Registration: 253-982-2695

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    After Hours Emergencies: 1-877-272-7337

    Register for Military Saves Week classes (Feb. 26-Mar. 3)

    Installation Volunteer  Corps

  • Primary volunteer office for JBLM
  • Provides volunteer information and resources
  • Assists with the Volunteer Management Information System (VMIS)
  • Volunteer registration, browse and apply for volunteer positions, record hours
  • Volunteer Recognition and Award Ideas
  • Family Resource Center, (FRC)
    4274 Idaho Ave. & 9th Division
    JBLM Lewis Main 98433

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    Volunteer of the Year Nominations Flyer
    Feb. 20 through Mar. 19

    Volunteer of the Year Nomination Form

    Mobilization & Deployment Program

  • Personal and Family readiness training, consultation and assistance (Family and Personal Care Plans).
  • Individual and Unit pre-deployment, rear detachment, reunion and reintegration training
  • Children and deployment workshops
  • Care Team training
  • FRG Training
  • AFCS Waller Hall,
    Bldg. 2140 Liggett Ave.
    JBLM Lewis Main 98433

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    Newcomers Toolkit

    Armed Forces Community Service
    Mon. - Fri., 7:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.


    Armed Forces Communit Service - McChord
    Mon. - Fri. 7:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

    Lewis Main:
    AFCS in Waller Hall
    2140 Liggett Ave.

    McChord Field:
    Bldg. 552, off Barnes Blvd.
    JBLM, McChord Field

    Outreach Program

  • Provides additional state and local resources to military Service members by establishing partnerships with community service agencies.
  • Primary focus is on geographically or socially isolated Families.
  • Provides support as needed by the installation units.
  • Request an AFCS Briefing or Class
  • AFCS Waller Hall,
    2140 Liggett Ave.
    JBLM Lewis Main 98433

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    Relocation Readiness Program

  • Relocation planning, information and assistance
  • Newcomers and Overseas orientations
  • Unit sponsorship training
  • Waiting Families Support Group
  • Lending Closet (basic household items)
  • Link to Newcomers' Toolkit
  • AFCS Waller Hall,
    2140 Liggett Ave (Lewis Main)
    Email Relocation
    AFCS - McChord
    552 Barnes Blvd. (McChord Field)

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    Sexual Harassment Assault Response & Prevention

  • Provides Sexual Assault Victim Advocacy and assistance with safety planning
  • Assists with restricted and unrestricted reporting and provides case management and tracking
  • Provides reporting of sexual harassment for military personnel
  • Resources, referrals and training available
  • Bldg. 2013,
    2013 N. 3rd St. & Pendleton
    JBLM - Lewis Main 98433
    253-967-2072/6211, 253-966-0363
    24/7 SHARP Hotline:

    Servicemember & Family Assistance Center


  • Provides comprehensive and tailored services to support the needs of wounded, ill and injured Service members and their Families.
  • Assistance is designed to aid the wounded, ill and injured Service members in successfully returning to full duty or departing the service as a veteran.
  • JBLM SFAC Newsletter
  • 9059 Gardner Loop
    JBLM Lewis Main 98433
    SFAC 253-966-8433 FAX 253-966-4275
    Director 253-966-8434 (DSN 347-8433)
    Billeting 253-966-4636

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    Survivor Outreach Services

  • Survivor Outreach Services is committed to Families of the Fallen.
  • When you call, you will be connected to a dedicated person who will guide you through available agencies and help you get the benefits and support you need.
  • JBLM SOS Beacon Newsletter
  • AFCS Annex, Bldg.
    2166 Liggett Ave. and S. 12th St.
    JBLM Lewis Main 98433
    253-967-3672 / 253-966-5047
    Email SOS

    Gold Star Pins PSA

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    AFCS Location & FRC Reservations

    DPFR/Armed Forces Community Service (AFCS) spans several locations & offers certain programs in each location:
    AFCS (Waller Hall)
    AFCS Annex (2166 Liggett Ave. & 12th St.)
    Family Resource Center (4274 Idaho Ave. & 9th Div.)
    Bldg. 2013 (2013 N. 3rd St. & Pendleton)
    SFAC (9059 Gardner Lp.)

    AFCS - McChord (551/2 Barnes Blvd.)
    Escape Zone (841 Fairway Rd.)

    AFCS Information & Referral (S. Entrance, Bldg. 271)

    Event Reservations
    The Family Resource Center (FRC) is also available for event and meeting reservations. Visit the FRC website.

    For DPFR/AFCS program & location information, contact:

    AFCS Waller Hall

    2140 Liggett Ave. (JBLM Lewis Main)


    AFCS - McChord (formerly S&FRC)
    552 Barnes Blvd. (McChord Field)


    FRC Reservations
    Make an FRC Reservation online!

    AFCS-Sponsored Programs

    Families OverComing Under Stress (FOCUS)

  • Supports the Family unit in managing challenges and transitions in military life through in areas of Communication, Managing Emotions, Problem Solving, Goal Setting, and General Coping.
  • Provides 6-8 confidential sessions of individualized resiliency training for Families (with children ages 3-18) and Couples (do not have to be married), with 1 month, 6 month, and 12 month follow-up check ins.
  • Sessions are fun and interactive, and are scheduled at hours that work best for the family or couple.
  • JBLM FOCUS Chapter:
    2013 N. 3rd St., Rm. 331
    Lewis Main

    FOCUS Flyer

    FOCUS Project

    Military and Family Life Counselors

  • Supports Service members and their Families by supplementing existing Family programs.
  • Provides confidential short term, situational and problem-solving counseling services.
  • Educational presentations, briefings and services to help prepare for the issues surrounding deployment, mobilization post-deployment, and reunion.
  • AFCS Waller Hall: 253-329-6632
    2013 N. 3rd St.: 253-329-6636
    AFCS Annex: 253-329-6638
    Hawk Education Center: 253-341-7169
    AFCS McChord: 253-329-6634
    Walk-ins from 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
    For an appointment call 253-329-6632

    AFCS Yakima: 509-379-1038 (Bldg. 221)

    Supporting Ready & Resilient, R2

  • Open to all Spouses & DoD Civilians
  • Take the GAT 2.0 - Global Assessment Tool allows you to confidentially assess your physical & psychological health based on social, emotional, spiritual, family and physical fitness.
  • AFCS Waller Hall,
    2140 Liggett Ave (Lewis Main)

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    GAT 2.0 Flyer

    JBLM Foster Parent Recruitment Initiative
    Our community is in need of military-connected foster homes.

    JBLM Foster Parent Recruiter Liaison:
    Erika Thompson, 206-406-2398



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    JBLM Community Resource Guide


    JBLM AFCS Director

    Alecia Grady
    2013 N. 3rd St., Lewis Main
    E-mail the JBLM AFCS Director

    JBLM AFCS Overview

    Click here for a one-page overview of AFCS programs and initiatives.


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    Our Services

    Family Programs (DPFR/AFCS is a combination of ACS and A&FRC programs)

    AFCS Contact

    Main AFCS Information: 253-967-7166
    2140 Liggett Ave., Waller Hall