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AFCS Substance Abuse Prevention (AFCS SAP) provides education & early intervention to help commanders, civilian supervisors, and the JBLM community reduce lifestyle risk factors to increase healthy outcomes. We are committed to understanding our supported units and their missions, anticipating what is needed to sustain mission readiness, and proudly serving as a valued member of the Commander’s battle staff.

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Risk Prevention Services

  1. Substance abuse education
  2. Unit & individual training
  3. Suicide prevention training
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For assistance or more information about the AFCS ASAP Risk Prevention Services, please call 253-967-1414.

Civilian Services

  1. Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
  2. Resources for DA Civilians, Family Members, & Retirees
  3. Communication styles training
  4. Workplace violence prevention
  5. JBLM EAP Online Supervisory Training (Updated 2017)
  6. JBLM EAP Training Schedule
  7. Register for EAP Training

View a short video about the JBLM Employee Assistance Program and how EAP can help you.

For assistance or to schedule an appointment with EAP, please call 253-732-2214.

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Drug Testing Lab

  1. Urinalysis turn-ins
  2. Unit Prevention Leader training
  3. Breathalyzers

For more information about the ASAP Drug Testing Lab, please call 253-967-4351 or 967-1446.

Assessment & Treatment

For substance abuse referrals, appointment scheduling, and court letters please contact the Madigan Behavioral Health Substance Use Disorder Clinical Care (SUD CC) at 253-967-2202 or 968-6765.

Understanding SAP & SUD CC Changes

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Clinical Services Contact Information 

Appointment Scheduling: 253-967-2202/968-6765
Case Managers: 253-477-3644/967-1445
Team A Supervisor: 253-967-1442
Team B Supervisor: 253-966-0651
Clinical Director: 253-967-1449
Prazosin Research Study: 253-967-9563

Civilian Services Contact Information
Email us

Employee Assistance Program: 253-966-4597/3551 or 477-3806
McChord Field Office: 253-982-5815
Team Lead: 253-967-1412

Drug Testing Lab
Email us

Urinalysis Collections: 253-967-4351
Inspections & Civilian Testing: 253-966-4557
Drug Testing Administration: 253-967-1446
Drug Testing Manager: 253-967-1415

AFCS-SAP Administration
Email us

Program Manager: 253-477-3771
Deputy Program Manager: 253-967-1414
Admin Officer: 253-966-3916

Prevention Services Contact Information
Email us

253-477-4851/4852 for:
62nd Medical Brigade
Madigan Army Medical Center
Warrior Transition Battalion
Regional Health Command - Pacific
Western Regional Dental Command
Public Health Command Region - West

253-477-3808/3811 for:
1st Stryker Brigade Combat Team
2nd Stryker Brigade Combat Team
1st Special Forces Group
4-160th Special Operations Aviation
2-75th Ranger Battalion

253-477-4852/3810 for:
17th Field Artillery Brigade
5-5th Air Defense Artillery Battalion
201st Battlefield Surveillance Brigade
84th Civil Affairs Battalion

253-477-3810/966-5778 for:
555th Engineer Brigade
16th Combat Aviation Brigade
51st Signal Battalion
HHB I Corps
HHC Joint Base Lewis-McChord

253-966-5778/6693 for:
42nd Military Police Brigade
6th Military Police Group
404th Army Field Support Brigade
189th Infantry Brigade
McChord Field Air Force units

Prevention Branch Chief: 253-967-1414


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AFCS Substance Abuse Prevention (AFCS SAP)

Education and early intervention to help commanders, civilian supervisors, and the JBLM community reduce lifestyle risk factors and increase healthy outcomes.

AFCS SAP Contact

EAP: 253-732-2214
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2008B North 3rd Street
Box 339500, Mail Stop 85
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