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We can help you cope with your loss, for as long as you desire. After you’ve lost a loved one, there may be unresolved issues or questions that surface months or years after your loss. We are Survivor Outreach Services and we are here to help.

2166 Liggett Ave. Box 339500, MS 20, Joint Base Lewis-McChord 98433,
Call toll-free: 1-866-963-2538.

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About Us

Survivor Outreach Services is committed to Families of the Fallen. When you call, you will be connected to a dedicated person who will guide you through available agencies and help you get the benefits and support you need.

Our Mission

  1. Expand and improve services to Survivors
  2. Define roles and responsibilities for all agencies and all      components
  3. Improve responsiveness and streamline the assistance      process for Families
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Our Team

Benefits Coordinators provide expertise on local, state and Federal benefits. They also work with Casualty Assistance Officers, providing the Surviving Family with assistance to understand and apply for their benefits.
Financial Counselors provide assistance to Surviving Families through investment and estate planning education.

Financial counselors work closely with Benefits Coordinators, Army Long Term Family Case Management and legal assistance to address the needs of Surviving Families.

Support Coordinators are long term support personnel for Survivors. Support Coordinators facilitate support groups, provide life skills education and connect Survivors with counseling resources. These Coordinators work closely with Benefits Coordinators, Casualty Assistance Officers and Army Long Term Family Case Management to ensure Survivors receive their necessary services.

Useful Links:

Resources especially for children:

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TAPS 1-800-959-8277
Dougy Center for Grieving Children & Families

I Cried Too (provides resources and tools for children) (email support Groups )
Kids-to-kids (under 12)
K2k-teens (ages 13-18)


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Our Services

Survivor Outreach Services
Benefits, Support and Resources after loss.

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