Family Advocacy Program (FAP)

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The Family Advocacy Program is committed to strengthening the lives of Servicemembers and Families, and preventing and providing treatment for domestic violence and child abuse.
24/7 Safe Line: (253) 966-7233/SAFE (for Domestic Violence Victim Advocacy)

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Family Advocacy Program Mission

FAP prevention and intervention efforts assist commanders in maintaining readiness of individuals, Families, and communities within JBLM by developing, coordinating, and delivering services which promote self-reliance, resiliency and stability during war and peace.

FAP Objectives

1. To promote and improve healthy Family dynamics and interactions.
2. To provide information and education to support strong, self-reliant, Servicemembers and Families through effective prevention and education programs.
3. To enhance the safety of the Family and the community through the prevention and identification of domestic violence and child abuse.

How to Report Child Abuse

Call 911 to report child abuse on/off post. On post you can also call (253) 967-7112/7113.

How to Report Domestic Violence

To make a restricted report* call the Victim Advocates at
(253) 966-SAFE (7233).

To make an unrestricted report or for immediate medical/police response call 911. For on-post non-emergency situations you can also call (253) 967-7112/7113.

*Restricted report:  If you are an adult victim of domestic abuse and want help but don’t want to involve command or law enforcement you can contact a victim advocate using the JBLM Safeline:
(253) 966-7233 (SAFE).

View the JBLM Child Supervision Guidelines

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FAP Commitment

The Family Advocacy Program is committed to the well being of Servicemembers and their Families. The well being of Servicemembers and their Families is inextricably linked to mission readiness by providing a vigorous proactive prevention and education program that coordinates resources, services, education, and training that result in a better quality of life.

New Parent Support Program (NPSP)

The NPSP is comprised of a professional team of social workers and registered nurses who provide no cost, in home parenting support and educational services for Families with children 0-3 years of age. NPSP offers new and expectant parents the opportunity to learn a wide range of parenting skills, to include help with all phases of deployment, cope with stress, isolation, and the everyday demands of parenthood. Home visitation support is at your convenience and by appointment. To request NPSP services call (253) 967-5901.

NPSP Brochure

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Victim Advocacy Program

Victim advocates are available 24 hours/7days a week to provide assistance to victims of domestic violence. Victim Advocates can offer restricted and unrestricted reporting options for domestic violence on a case by case basis. Advocacy services include, but are not limited to safety planning, referrals to military and civilian resources, crisis intervention, and liaison between Commanders and victims. They are also available to provide guidance and assistance to Chain of Commands dealing with domestic violence incidents. Walk in assistance is welcome between 8:00-4:30 pm in 2140 Liggett Ave. (AFCS in Waller Hall), building 2013 (3rd and Pendleton) 2nd Floor (A -wing), AFCS Annex (2166 12th St.) & AFCS-McChord (552 Barnes Blvd.). For assistance related to Domestic Abuse please call the 24/7 Safe Line at (253) 966-SAFE (7233).

JBLM AFCS Victim Advocacy Brochure

Mandatory Unit Training & Command Team Briefings

IAW AR 608-18 paragraph 3-2 all units are required to receive annual training on the dynamics of domestice violence and child abuse. Commanders and Senior Enlisted Advisors are required to receive a desk-side briefing within 90 days of taking command.  This training must be conducted by a Family Advocacy Program Specialist.  To schedule your unit training or briefing please contact (253) 967-5901 or e-mail.


AFCS Services Locations &
Hours of Operation

24/7 253-966-7233/SAFE LINE

Individual FAP Classes:

Anger Control Training (ACT)

Scream-Free Marriage Classes

Crossroads of Parenting and Divorce

Scream-Free Parenting Classes

Mindfulness Meditation for Calmer Parenting

Active Parenting (5-12 & Teens)

1-2-3 Magic

Dad 24/7

Baby Boot Camp

Infant Massage

Baby Play Group

Play Morning

To sign up, please call 253-967-5901 or 253-968-0044, email or click the link below.

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Family Advocacy Program
Prevention and treatment of domestic violence and sexual harassment and assault.

FAP Contact

253-967-5901 or 253-968-0044
24/7 Domestic Violence Advocates: 253-966-SAFE (7233)
DOD safe line 1-877-995-5247
2013 3rd St. & Pendleton