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A trained and resourced professional volunteer corps supported by the installation leadership and prepared to contribute to readiness and well-being.

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The mission of the Installation Volunteer Corps

Promote and strengthen volunteerism by uniting community volunteer efforts, supporting professional management, enhancing volunteer career mobility, and establishing volunteer partnerships to support individual personal growth and life-long volunteer commitment.


Volunteer Action Council (VAC)

Chaired by the Installation Volunteer Corps Program Manager, the VAC is comprised of volunteer representatives from installation agencies and private organizations who utilize volunteers.  The Council meets quarterly to network, discuss the volunteer program, and receive training/information on a variety of topics related to volunteerism and volunteer management.  Meetings are held from 0930-1030, on the third Monday each quarter (November, February, May, and July) with the meeting scheduled for the third Tuesday in February due to President’s Holiday, at the Family Resource Center, unless otherwise publicized. 

Installation Volunteer Corps (IVC) Program

The IVC program embraces all installation volunteer programs, unites all volunteers who support Service Members and Families and formalizes the military’s commitment to volunteerism.  Volunteers contribute a broad range of services that enhance and expand the capabilities of military programs and services.  Working as teams, paid and volunteer, provide real-life solutions for successful military living.

Volunteering allows you to explore new career fields or update your existing skills and accumulate work experience.  It’s also a wonderful opportunity to meet others who are active participants in the community.  The IVC Program promotes quality volunteer work experiences and environments which recognize the valuable contributions volunteers make to the Joint Base Lewis-McChord (JBLM) community.

As a liaison and resource for installation and private volunteer organizations, the JBLM Installation Volunteer Corps provides resources, training to organizations and volunteers to assess, develop and strengthen their volunteer programs.  For more information, contact the IVC office in the Family Resource Center at (253) 967-2324 Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Volunteer Brochure

Volunteer Awards & Recognition Ideas

Volunteer Training

Everyone Ready Training

Volunteer of the Year Nominations Flyer Feb. 20 through Mar. 19

Volunteer of the Year Nomination Form

Become a Registered Volunteer

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VMIS - Are you tracking?

JBLM units/organizations are on line with the Department of Army Volunteer Management Information System (VMIS) at

  1. Register as a volunteer
  2. Search for volunteer opportunities
  3. Apply/Submit volunteer application for volunteer positions
  4. Log your hours
  5. Document training and awards

The information travels with you when you PCS or ETS, and provides you with a complete volunteer history whether you're just tracking your volunteer activities, or using the information to search for employment.

Available Volunteer Opportunities

can be found by accessing the Opportunity Locator on

Search by military community (Joint Base Lewis-McChord, located under IMCOM-Central), and by organization (the organization you wish to volunteer in).

VMIS Quick Start Guide

Make a Difference Day at JBLM

Find a need in your community & use the power of Make A Difference Day to mobilize your Family, your neighbors, your unit, or your entire community into a day of action.

Call 253-967-2324 to for more information.

Types of Volunteer Categories: Statutory, Private Organization, and Gratuitous Service

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Statutory volunteers are those volunteers authorized by federal statute (10 USC 1588) to provide services in certain Department of Defense activities such as MWR, family programs, museums, chaplain, child care, etc.  Statutory volunteers, when registered, recording hours, and acting within the scope of their position description, are provided certain benefits by law such as worker's compensation. 

Private organization volunteers are part of non-federal entities authorized to operate on the installation.  These organizations contribute to the overall installation mission, but their volunteers are not considered statutory.  All liability for incidents/accidents or injury to the volunteer are the responsibility of the private organization. 

Gratuitous service volunteers provide services to organizations not covered under the federal statute, and do so with no expectation of compensation or benefit coverage.

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Incentives for Registering and Tracking Hours

  1. Each volunteer registered in VMIS can receive the Army Volunteer Corps lapel pin
  2. Logging hours can earn an award per JBLM Regulation 672-3, Community Volunteer Service Awards Program.


Volunteer Brochure

VMIS Quick Start Guide

DD 2793 (Completed Sample)

DA 4713 - Daily Time Record (Fillable)

JBLM Regulation 672-3

Volunteer of the Year Nomination Form


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