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Armed Forces Family Team Building (AFFTB)

AFFTB helps you adapt to being a military spouse and not just cope with, but enjoy the military lifestyle. It provides the knowledge and self confidence to take responsibility for yourself and your Family. Many of the courses can be applied to résumé and career building, self-development and leadership skills. The training is available to
Family members, Servicemembers, Department of the Army Civilians and volunteers.arenting tips, stress management, sports skills, etc.).

Our goals are to: Prepare individuals through specialized training generating flexible, adaptive and capable Servicemembers, Families, and Civilians; Enhance personal growth and professional development by leveraging an adaptive curriculum and technology meeting the needs of the transforming military; Employ resources to build and strengthen enduring partnerships resulting in resilient,
strong communities.

AFFTB Class & Training Overview

AFFTB is a modular training program that is organized into three levels; Military Knowledge - a basic course to help those new to the military to understand and cope with the ever-changing Military lifestyle. Personal Growth and Resiliency - Ones that are involved in unit or community activities and want to learn more for personal growth, leadership skills, and group dynamics and Leadership development – who are wanting to develop advanced leadership skills and enhances participant’s organizational skills in military and civilian life. AFFTB is a program that is flexible to meet the unit’s needs and the classes can be taught separately for a unit briefing or a FRG. These classes may be available for promotion points; see below.

In addition to the traditional AFFTB training, we also offer advanced training opportunities, and a Company Command Team Spouse Seminar.

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Three Core Levels of AFFTB Training

Military Knowledge (formerly Level I): Learn about military life and how to maneuver through daily challenges by discovering how to decipher military acronyms, utilize community resources, acquire personal resiliency concepts and understand the goal and impact of the military mission. Topics include: Military Life...What Does It Mean, Military Acronyms and Terms, Chain of Command, Customs, Courtesies, Ceremonies and Traditions, Military Social Functions, Military Benefits and Entitlements, Introduction to Military and
Civilian Community Resources, Introduction to Family Readiness
Groups, Military Family Preparedness, Resiliency, Be the Bouncing Ball.

Personal Growth and Resiliency (formerly Level II): Improve your personal skills and relationships through courses in leadership, management, and communication. Topics include: Learn to Communicate, Effective Conflict Management, Problem solving Strategies, Exploring Personal Traits, Improving Personal Relationships, Successful Team Dynamics, Growing Through Change, Resiliency During Crisis and Grief, Overcoming Stress, Winning at Time Management, Time to Serve-The Volunteer

Leadership Development (formerly Level III): For individuals who are or will be responsible for coaching, mentoring, and advising others.  This training develops advanced leadership skills and enhances participant's organizational skills. Topics include: Leadership Through Understanding Needs, Examining Your Leadership Style, Effective Communication for Leader, Developing Great Meetings, Establishing Team Dynamics, Resolving Conflict, Supporting Others through Coaching and Mentoring, Virtual Meetings: Tips and Techniques.

Advanced AFFTB Training

Instructor Training: Take your AFFTB experience to the next level by attending this "Train the Trainer" class.  This training will help you become a confident and effective speaker within a classroom setting, as well as, introduce you to the platform skills necessary to becoming AFFTB Instructor. The Intructor training is a prerequisite to the Facilitator and Briefer Trainings.

Facilitator Training: For the individuals who have attended the AFCS Instructor Course (ITC).  This training provides an overview of the Facilitator Training Course (FTC) and the skills and techniques that are necessary to be a successful Instructor.

Briefer Training: For the individuals who have attended the AFCS Instructor Course (ITC).  This training provides you an introduction to Briefer Training Course (BTC) and the skills and techniques you will need to be an effective briefer.

Volunteer Opportunities within AFFTB

AFFTB is a volunteer-led program and we are always looking for volunteers! Whether you are interested in becoming an instructor, assisting with classes or the programs, you can log onto for our volunteer opportunities.




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Company Command Team Spouse Seminar

The Company Command Team Spouse Seminar (CCTSS) is specifically designed for spouses who will assume, or have already assumed, the role of a Senior Company Spouse as the spouse of a First Sergeant or Company Commander. The attendees will gain the leadership tools that are needed to support the Company and their Families.

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